Annanna ;)


Noah was a quiet baby. Most of his time was spent sleeping, which was a blessing and a curse. Since giving birth Ann had sunk down into her depression all over again, feeling lost without the piece of Finnick inside of her. It had been a year, and nothing had gotten better. It was just harder with the child around. Noah had Finnick’s looks- his eyes and his golden hair and his dimples. He would grow to look just like his father and whenever Ann thought about it for too long, she broke down. She just needed Finnick, yet he was no where to be found. She was lost.

Sitting on the living room floor, Annie stared blankly over at the opposite wall. There were her good days, of course, where she could actually laugh and smile, but then there were days like today, where she was considering joining Finnick in the sky. But she knew Finnick would never want her to do that- she had her son to take care of. 

Hearing the front door open, Johanna come inside, she didn’t move an inch. Johanna had probably just gone out for food that Ann wouldn’t eat, it was pointless. No tears ran down her cheeks, though- it was like they were saved for the night times only, when she’d curl up in the ball her and Finnick used to share.

Johanna stepped inside the quiet house. Despite her fear of the water, she had been living in District 4 with Annie ever since the war had ended. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t go back to 7—there was no one there for her any more, not even Blight, and she’d made a silent promise to Finnick to look after his wife and son. So that’s what she was doing: taking care of Annie and little Noah.

That morning, she had been out to buy groceries. Sometimes, she didn’t know why she bothered since Annie hardly ate anything and she only ate herself when she got really hungry; the only person in the house who ate regularly was Noah and he ate the baby food that she got for him.

The idea of looking after a baby was somewhat laughable to her. She’d never been the soft kind of person, especially after her Games, but here she was caring for a baby that wasn’t even hers—and she kinda liked it. Looking after someone else meant she could escape her own unstable mind.

"Annie?" She called out, placing her bag on the table by the front door, hoping it was one of the days where Annie was somewhat okay but when she found her in the living room, staring blankly at the wall, she knew it wasn’t one of those days.

"I got some groceries Annie, do you want something to eat?" She asked uselessly, frowning when she didn’t even get a mumble as an answer and made her way to the dull kitchen. She emptied the bag of groceries in silence, listening out for the sound of the baby in case he woke up.

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